The Oil Behind 1,000,000 Mile Engines!

The dream of a million miles without an overhaul is a reality with the technology in Schaeffer Oil. Blending a 100% pure paraffin base with finest quality synthetic base stocks, Schaeffer has created a synthetic blend motor oil that reduces engine wear, increases engine life, and improves fuel economy.

Eliminates Start-Up Wear

At start-up, your oil is in the pan and not in the engine. Therefore, when you start your engine, metal grinds against SCHAEFFERS SUPREME OILmetal. It is in those first 60 seconds that engineers estimate that 80% of you engine wear taking place.

Supreme 7000 does what no other oil can. It protects your engine even when the oil is not there. It incorporates two friction fighters, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, that plate themselves to the internal parts of your engine and protect it against start up wear.

Faster Starts

In cold weather, conventional oil turns to molasses. Engines won’t start, batteries drain down, and engine parts grind together. With Supreme 7000, this problem is solved. Thanks to its unique synthetic blend, it flows when other oils won’t. The result is faster starts, even at -25° F. And, because it’s a synthetic blend motor oil, it gets to critical engine parts up to 10 times faster than conventional oils.

#131 Neutra Fuel Stabilizer

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated multi-functional, ashless fuel stabilizer that is specially formuSCHAEFFERS NEUTRA FUEL TREATMENTlated for use in gasoline, diesel and L.P.G. fuels. Neutra Fuel Stabilizer contains a highly concentrated additive package that when used at the recommended treatment levels provides the following performance benefits:

Increases MPG

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer increase fuel mileage in three ways:
  • Fuel burns cleaner and more completely.
  • Carbon deposits are dissolved and burned during combustion, restoring lost power and performance.
  • Compression is increased as a film of oil is left on the compression ring.

The result is an increase in horsepower and fuel economy with MPG improvements up to 5%.

 Extends Engine Life

Combustion temperatures reach 2000° F burning off any oil that might reach the compression ring. Neutra provides a film of lubrication to the compressor ring, the upper cylinder, valve seats and guides…reducing wear and extending engine life.

Cleans Injectors

Neutra’s gentle solvent action keeps injectors free from deposits, gum, and varnish that cause inefficient operation.

Minimizes Smoking

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer atomizes molecules so that fuel burns cleanly and completely. It keeps engine parts free from deposits that cause inefficient smoky operations.

Neutralizes Effects of Sulfuric Acid

Sulfur in your fuel is your engine’s silent enemy. During combustion, the sulfur in fuel unites with moisture in the intake air to produce sulfuric acid. Neutra fuel treatment neutralizes the effects of sulfuric acid in your engine.