How to Choose an Boat and Marine Repair Shop
Choosing the best possible Boat repair shop can be a difficult task if you are not already acquainted with the services and prices of a variety of shops. This is because people want to use an marine repair shop where the staff is honest, reliable and the services are reasonably priced. When wondering how to effectively choose an boat repair shop, there are a few factors...
Fiberglass repair on boat before           Fiberglass repair on boat after
Our fiberglass expertise lies at the heart of our operations. From a scratch to a crash, we can make it better than new. We are a Factory Authorized Fiberglass Repair Shop for many manufacturers. We hope to earn the same trust from you as we have from our manufacturers.

We can take care of any fiberglass need you have. We can completely reconstruct your hull, transom, cap, or whatever it takes. We can handle your impact repairs. If you have a soft spot in your floor, or if you need an entire new floor, we can help. Even if you have a fishing tournament this weekend, we can put a hot patch on your boat to get you on the water now! If you let us do your final repair, this hot patch is free.

We know the finish on your boat is extremely important. We can match your gel coat colors or metal flakes like it just came from the factory. Even if all you need is an industrial buffing to restore your finish, we can do that.

Today’s Recreational Vehicles have more and more fiberglass parts. Keep us in mind next time you need a repair. We offer free estimates on all our fiberglass work and we warranty all our repairs.


Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repair

Fiberglass and gel-coat repair is our specialty. We have been repairing boats for over 21 years. We have completed collision work that other shops have not been able to estimate let alone repair correctly. We comply with the E.P.A. regulations and are constantly making sure our shop is supplied with fresh maOOPS!terial and supplies for our repairs.

Here is a list of our specialized services:
Estimating and Marine surveying
Gel-coat and Fiberglass repair
Gel-coat and bottom paint
Osmosis, peeling and blister repair
Hand forming and mold making for repairs
Color restoration and re-application
Decal design and application
Mold making and part production
Restoration of old classic boats
Airbrushed designs and custom paint

We are the only shop in this area that can provide you with excellent repairs, as well as, a full liability insurance plan to protect you the customer. We also provide our employee’s with all of the necessary products to repair your boat correctly the first time.
Highway 18 Boat Repair has provided our services all across the Northern Minnesota and specifically in the Brainerd Lakes area with major collision repair for over 21 years. Boat hull damage repair.
Airbrushed name or title of boat can be done on side or back


We can customize your boat with an airbrushed paint job or have you thought of a creative name for your boat, we can paint that on your treasure also. Make that boat stand out from the rest next weekend, contact us for all your boat and marine customization in the Brainerd Lakes area. En Fuego

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